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Hospitalito Atitlan

In 2005 there was a great hurricane that caused mudslides all over Guatemalahospitalito destruido. At that time, the Hospitalito Atitlan in Panabaj had recently been restored when a mudslide came and carried it away, destroying it totally and causing such havoc that it(and all of Panabaj) were declered legally uninhabitable. Kaslimaal, the comittee to rebuild the Hospitalito immediately arranged for and set up a temporary hospital in a rented house. Since then, it has served as the temporary Hospitalito Atitlan.

Meanwhile there is a community project to rebuild Hospitalito Atitlan in a safer place. It has evolved into a project that will make the hospital one of the best equipped facilities in Solola.

For four years Festival Atitlan donated ALL of our proceeds to Kaslimaal to help with the construction of the new Hospital. In 2009 we managed to donate Q15,452 directly. Besides that amount, another Q5000 came from the Raffle/auction and another Q750 from art sales in the Gallery. There were a couple of donations directly to the Hospitalito as well. Since any donations will be duplicated by the Kendeda fund... the Festival Atitlan generated approx. Q42,000 that year...You see that we can make a difference, even though it may be small .....?!. Sept 10Sala




The Hospitalito outgrew our help a couple of years ago, and we have been funding other projects since then, but, as of 2011, the great staff at the hospitalito has been running services full time and doing a great job. They still have lots to accomplish, but things are well on their way. You can still help them!You can find more information at http://www.hospitalitoatitlan.org You can also see a slideshow of the project on their gallery page


The Hospitalito plans


LeRoy Mack