Festival Atitlan

Festival Atitlan
March 22nd, 2014, 11AM- Midnight


Every year in November and December I start to rev up the magic to make sure that the Festival will be ready by march. I start with nothing. Shavda It's quite a task: not only do we need to put together the logistics for keeping at least 1000 people happy while sitting in a field, I need to convince people to help simply for the sake of of seeing this great event happen and to help our social projects, without expecting material gain. We want this to be a COMMUNITY event... planned and put on by the lake Atitlan Alternative community. Over the years, people have started to get the idea, and we are getting more folks to help for the sheer joy of making the festival. The thing that is missing sometimes is a greater variety of things for people to do and learn while taking a break from the music.

We originally made Festival Atitlan a fundraiser because this is the only way to pull off an event of this kind. There just isn't enough money to pay for a show like this!

So, in order to do it successfully, I need a bunch of help. The more hands and minds, the more different aspects can be explored in this years festival. I would like to see more kids stuff, I would like to be able to include dance, theatre, poetry, an art gallery, and some other ideas that we haven't been able to pursue because we just need more energy.

chicasIf you have some good ideas for festival activities and are willing to get involved, we need you. If you are in a band, a dance troupe, do theatre, comedy, or any other performing art, and want to play, please contact us before January 15th, when I would like to have the festival schedule set. If you are into graphic arts and would like to help setting up an art gallery and crafts area, lets do it!. If you are just good at organizing or know some big shot who could help us, we need you. If you know of any groups who could help with sponsorship, we want you!


PUBLICITY: We need a PR director. We need somebody with the right connections to help us not only spread the word about the festival, but also somebody who can help us to maybe get some funding from somewhere so that we can actually think about making this a two day event. If you don't want to direct, the easiest way to help would be to help us spread the word about the Festival.You can put up posters in your town, send an e-mail about the festival to your friends(I can send you one (info@festivalatitlan.com), or join the Festival Atitlan facebook group and invite your friends to. The more people know about the event, the further the word goes, the better the event. You can also help by organizing folks in your town around the lake to share lanchas on the day of the event. 15-20 people will fill a lancha, and you will be able to stay as late as you want and still get home.


SECURITY: We need a coordinator for the security teams. This involves organizing the teams schedules more than anything, as the security will be done by paid employees, and checking in once in awhile.

SANITATION: We need some kids for the trash patrol and somebody to take responsibility for the after festival clean up.

FOOD: We are looking for somebody to organize the food vendors. This entails making sure they have a good spot and regulating what foods each vendor can sell, as well as taking care of the ecological concerns.

KIDS: We have a lot of talent for this years kid section, and just got a coordinator to organize it.


1. We will need some help setting up and tearing down the bathrooms, small stage, camping area, perimiter, etc.This will be on the days before and after the festival
2. We need some help painting and fixing up the portopotties. This job will be done in february.
3. Information counter/ festival store/ Artist orienter/ wristband checkers
4. Stage managers for the large and small stages.
5. Some one to supervise the Festival Store/ coffee pot

MEDICAL: Since we work with the Hospitalito folks we already have medics (so far we haven't needed it) but would like to set up a trip tent this year as we had some pot cookie victims who needed to be reasured that they weren't poisoned.

We offer Festival helpers a ticket in and a tamale.

We offer the artists a meal ticket, a place to stay (If you don't want to camp out) and, if you are coming from far away, we will provide gas money.

I don't know any better way to ask for your help.
Contact me: info@festivalatitlan.com