Festival Atitlan

Festival Atitlan
March 18 2017, 11AM- Midnight, March 19 11AM-6PM

Tickets for Festival Atitlan 2017

Tickets for Festival Atitlan are available right now online... you can help us to finance the event by buying your ticket early!

Festival Entry and Camping

You can purchase your tickets online through paypal by pushing the button. If you want to purchase them locally, email me: info@festivalatitlan.com. Alternately, you can buy them at the two hotels: Posada de Santiago:7721,7366, Hotel Bambu: 77217332/3. One day costs Q150 ($US20), 2 days costs Q200 (US$27) There is an extra Q30 (US$4) camping fee. If you plan to spend the night at one of our Hotels, make a reservation NOW!

In Panajachel you can get tickets at:
Solomons Porch

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