Festival Atitlan

Festival Atitlan
March 22nd, 2014, 11AM- Midnight

For the Kids

Circus Every year we seem to get things more together to put on a good show for the kids.This is an important part of the festival for us because having all those kids around really adds to the kind of ambiance that we are trying to create. We just wanna have fun! The Kid section of the festival has developed into a garden where it is safe for them to play with each other in the freedom of the woods. We also try to provide plenty for them to do, with face painting, art workshops, games, clowns, jugglers, and lots more. You can volunteer to help in the kid garden and to introduce new ideas!: Help!

KidsBesides the Kid Garden we try to bring acts for kids as well, especially if they are Kids doing art for kids:

Nebaj Childrens Choir: This is a chorus from Nebaj. They come each festival because they LOVE it! They sing in four languages and do a nice typico dance. These kids are great and probably understand the point of the festival better than anyone.

Marimba Son de Mi Tierra: This is a great marimba headed up by Antony , who is years old...

Canal Cultural is bringing a Kids Art show this year, and the young artists will be giving art workshops.

Face Painting