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Another incredible year for Festival Atitlan! The 8th of March, 2008, from 11 AM until 12 PM, we celebrated the sixth Lake Atitlan Internacional Music and Art Festival in Santiago Atitlan.

MartaThis year we had a new place for the Festival, in Tzam Chicham, across the street from where they are building the new Hospitalito, where it's more comfortable and much simpler to put on the show. The 2008 Festival was the best we have ever put on, with 13 hours of music and bands of all kinds from around the world, including Iguanamanga, Naino (check out the video, below), The Leroy Mack Bluegrass Band, La Trova Del Lago, Strate Crooked, Method to the Madnez, Mambo Balam, Aj tzutjilaa, RoseKevin Warner trio, Musicosas, Brian Howe from Bad Company, Saraguate, Canopus, Hacedor de Lluvia, Baraka Tum, and Don Nito with his Marimba. (Details on the Band page).

The Festival Atitlan 2008 Musicians

The talent just continued all day, and there was definitely no way for anyone to get bored. Besides the music, we also featured the ATI film festival and various other activities, like the kids peace flag, the guys from canal Cultural with their silkscreen, printing the Festival Atitlan dancer on anyones clothes instantly for the price of the ink, the dancers and ball players, the great food and company, and the million other details that go into making it work.

Naino at Festival Atitlan 2008



We have reached the stage where the Festival wants to grow, and we are trying to figure out how to do it gracefully, without losing the beautiful vibe that is one of the reason why it all works so well. We need some funding. If we had some of the basic costs taken care of (like the Q27000 for the sound system) we could probably afford to do things better. We could offer the bands a more comfortable room, we could afford some plane fares to bring bands from outside the country, etc. If you like to see gatherings like Festival Atitlan happen, and would like to help us by donating some money, or know of anyone who can help us, please contact us!:


AjtzutjilaPutting on a Festival like this one is like building a small city for a day. You need to have everything arranged so that 1000 people have what they need and their basic necesities are well taken care of. Our thanks to all the outhouse movers, garbage cleaners, and invisible folk who make sure of this. This year we even have a new citizen: a visitor decided that, instead of sitting and waiting at the hospital, she would rather enjoy the Festival. When she was ready she went to the Hospitalito and delivered a beautiful baby.





There are a lot of pictures from the 2008 festival in the 2008Album . If you are confused about exactly where the festival took place, check the Getting here page. Check Festival 2007 for information about last years event. Since we have been doing this for awhile, there is history. If you are wondering about the finances, check out the Accounts page.

The Spirit of the Festival is alive and well in Santiago!


dancer Festival Heros!

When you organize a festival, lots of people show up to help, each for their own reasons. The following are the heroes, those few who have surrendered to the true spirit of the festival and are working tirelessly and without renumeration to make sure the festival this year will be a sucess. Thank You!!! You to can be a hero send us an e-mail: info@festivalatitlan.com



The whole Luz crew

Representaciones Atitlan

Howard and Celine

This year ALL of the bands donated their time.They will be performing for gas, rooms, and food.

Thank You!!!!