Festival Atitlan

Festival Atitlan
March 12, 2016, 11AM- Midnight


All of the profit generated by Festival Atitlan 2014 was donated to ADISA, the Santiago Special needs kids organization. This year the Artists donated their performances, and the Festival gave everyone a meal ticket and a tamal (76 people) and rooms and gas money for those who requested it. Muchas Gracias!!! As usual, the organizers did not earn anything for their hard work (it is a labor of Love). During the Festival we had Representaciones Atitlan taking care of all of the monetary transactions.

Heres the story:




Total Festival Profit 2014: Q8,512.00

This was an expensive year, as we needed to redo the outhouses and get some electrical equipment.... There were less full price tickets sold than last time, but more people managed to sneak in as well. This does not take into account the countless hours of work donated by the Luz family and a few friends. (Thanks to all of you brothers and sisters) The rest of you need to help more!!!!

Festival gained some very much needed tools and some beautiful plastic trash barrels.


In 2014 we donated the profit from Festival to ADISA, The Santiago Atitlan Associacion that works for Special Needs Children, and the Archivo Digital Atitlan


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