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For many years I have been an Audio engineer living on Lake Atitlan, and I have recorded hundreds of hours of music from past Festival Atitlans, other various music jams, and the work (19 CDs) that I did for Discos Atitlan, our cooperative Record Label. To say the least, I have been accumulating a veritable treasure trove of great music from lots of great musicians. So, I decided to start a radio station, not only to share this great music, but as a vehicle for social commentary and Progressive thought. I am still in the process of getting the many audio files ready , and am uploading music every day. I think that you will find that it makes for a GREAT radio experience!

I will also be uploading lots more information about the music and the people who played it, so make sure to check in periodically to see whats new. If you played at Festival Atitlan in the last while, you will be heard on Festival Atitlan. We will eventually be working out speciality shows, but meanwhile, it's just GREAT music!

Radio Festival is a non Profit, progressive community oriented radio station, and we don't recieve funding from any large organizations. We rely on donations from our listeners, and accept sponsors. If you are interested in helping Radio Festival Atitlan prosper, please write to me:

Radio Festival Atitlan

Otis Brown and the Blu DawgsOtis Brown and the Blu Dawgs

One of our favorites, and undoubtedly the best Southern Rock band in Guatemala. Willie Gomez, Thom Brown and company hail from Antigua, and regularly play there. They played at the 2009 Festival Atitlan.

La Trova Del Lago

I have worked with La Trova more than with most of our groups. I have recorded 3 CDs for them besides the great live recordings that I captured through the years. The group is centered on the vocals of Juan Sisay and the guitar excellence of Carlos Rangel.

CosmicaCosmica de Guatemala

Cosmica is a mellow psychedelic trip band who use all the subtle tricks to get you there. The main folks responsible are Antonio Ponce �Erratic Ape and Andr�s Rosales �Tko. They played at the 2010 Festival Atitlan

Zanate N' Stereo

This group grew up with the Festival. Ever since 2006, playing as "Crater", they have played at most of our festivals since then. They are a GREAT Reggae Band! Ariel Zanate (SAX) Carlos Zanate (guitar and voice) Chito Zanate (keyboards and loops) Tulio zanate (drums) Miguel osterberg zanate (bass)

Mambo BalamMambo Balam

This is the name that I use for the great collaborative groups that I have had the honor to play with through the years. Most recently it was a collaboration with Tim Silven, Roberto Luz, Jacoba Epstein, and Kike Altan. A great and eclectic instrumental band that played around the lake in 2011 and 2012. There are live recordings as well as 2 studio Mambo Balam CDs

Method2 the MadnezMethod 2 the Madnez

Featuring Ezzie Esposito, this is a firecracker concert with the Guatemalan version of a Grunge band. They played for various Festivals... 2007, 2008, and 2010... Ezzie has since moved to the US and is performing there, but the rest of the band members have become instrumental players in the Guatemalan music scene. We have live recordings and a Demo from 2010

Charanga BerrinchesCharanga Berrinches Latin Ska Band

This is a full on Ska Band, complete with horns and lots of youthful energy. This is a college band from the city, and they came to play at the festival in 2009. They managed to get everyone up and dancing, even though it was after midnight. The leaders are Milo Escobar, Alejandro Galindo and Erick Becker


a wonderful singer/songwriter who graced Festival Atitlan in 2009. She is from Costa Rica, and is in the process of putting a band together here in Guatemala. We have her festival Recordings and her studio album.

Marco Trio ElectricMarco Trio Electric

The house band.... a great classic Rock group who are always ready to boogy! They have played at many of our events, and are definitely part of the "inner" family, as the band members have all helped us in many ways to produce the events that you are listening to. Great Concert Band with Marco Solo, Lloyd Monroe and Carlos.

Coro de Ni�os de NebajCoro de Ni�os de Nebaj

This delightful choir of young Ixil children From Nebaj has been one of the stars of Festival Atitlan for the last couple of years... we have watched the group grow up and the music improve and, most of all, give me a good reason to continue organizing the festivals, as I feel like they are elmost the only ones who really get the point, and they have always done everything possible to help the spirit of the festival grow.



Ixim AchaIxim Acha

This is one of the better Santiago cofradia bands that I have recorded through the years. Led by Miguel Cua, they play the essential Tzutujil "songs of the Earth", or the sacred teaching songs. It is a very unique sound, and I haven't heard anything like it anywhere else. We have both live recordings from various festivals and their studio music from Discos Atitlan, our Cooperative Record Label


One of the best Reggae Bands in Guatemala! We have had the good luck to host this great band several times, and every concert has been excellent! We have great live recordings from 2008 and 2010.

Leroy MacLeroy Mac and Friends

When I found out that LeRoy wanted to play the festival, I was very excited because he is considered one of the best dobro players that the US has produced, and is a legend in the bluegrass world. He has blessed us with several performances, and every time it has been amazing. I believe that this is the ONLY Bluegrass band who has ever played in Guatemala. I know the Indigenous folks from around here REALLY liked it!


Patz'a is a post modern Guatemalan chanteuse who has an amazing stage prescence, and has a beautiful voice that makes her performance complete even though she is a solo performer. We had the honor of hearing her during the 2012 Festival Atitlan, and the recordings we have are from that.

Ted LindlandTed Lindland

Ted has always been ready to stand in for any groups who are late at the festivals. He even does a great kid song set, besides his wonderful off beat way of telling adult stories. The recordings that we have are from the 2012 Festival.

Hacedor de LluviaHacedor de Lluvia

Ranferi Aguilar is one of the better known musicians in Guatemala, and his "Hacedor de Lluvia" project is a very original world beat group who primerally use pre-colombian instruments and vocals to weave an impressive tapestry that is very original, at the same time as being aboriginal. I have live recordings from their live performances at the Festival and some of their studio recordings


This is a Caqchiquel Rock Band that combines marimba rythms and rock sensibilities to produce a uniquely Guatemalan sound. We had the honor of hearing them in 2010 and again in 2012. The recordings we have are from those dates.

Anthony de los SantosAnthony de los Santos

We had the good luck of hearing a short set from Anthony and friends when they asked to play after the last band at the 2010 festival, even though it was 2 in the morning!


This space jazz group is headed up by Guido Aguilar and plays the kind of music that make sunsets interesting. We have recordings from the 2012 festival, as well as a couple of studio CDs

Killer TomatoKiller Tomato

A great Ska Band fro Guatemala city, they played at the 2012 Festival, and got everyone up and boogying to a solid wall of horns and a driving rock beat. We have recordings from that Festival.

Naik MaderaNaik Madera

Another of our favorites, Naik Madera plays feminist latin Rock that blasts away preconcieved notions of how girls can play music. They have a very strong social message that makes them perfect for Radio Festival Atitlan, since what we want to do is promote the new vision of the world that they convey with their music. They have played a lot at the Festival, and I've gotten some great live recordings of them. We present those as well as some of their studio material

Brian HoweBrian Howe

One of the great 70/80s bands was Bad Company. In 2008 and 2009 Brian Howe, the retired lead singer for the band, came to the Festival Atitlan and regaled us with all of those classic songs and more. What a voice! We have some unplugged tunes from those festivals,

Carlos FunkCarlos Funk

One of the great local lake musicians, Carlos runs Blind Lemons in San Marcos and puts down a classic folk blues slide guitar sound that connects you to the ground. In 2012 Carlos performed at the Festival and we managed to record it.

MarimbaMarimba Son de mi Tierra

This group gives us great hope for the future of music in Guatemala, as it's headed by a kid (Antony Stern)! The musical quality can't be denied, and it presents us classic Guatemalan marimba. The recordings are from Festival Atitlan 2012


These are some recordings that I did recently for my buddy Jacoba and her partner Miguel. They are very Djangoish jazz tunes done with guitar and violin.....

Cris y LauraCris y Laura

This group was part of the original Discos Atitlan and played at the very first Festival Atitlan in 2001. They play very sophisticated instrumental classical Tangos, and most of the recordings that I have we did live for their CD, Sur in 2001. They were also part of the first Mambo Balam.

Los ZimzikLos Zimzik

Another one of the original Discos Atitlan members. This duo played Rumba with a true gypsy flair. Rene Zimzik and Ina lit the stage on fire with their performances. We were lucky to get them for the festival, and I also have some of their studio material from "Los Zimzik"


This is a duo from the city who came to sing in 2010. Jackie Nisthal sang some classic Latin Bohemian tunes, and a couple of original ones, including an ode to Lake Atitlan.

Kevin WarnerKevin Warner and Friends

Kevin is a long time lake inhabitant and is our local Jazz specialist. His unmistakeable style and fine hand make his concerts very special. We were particularly lucky in recording a great set during the 2008, and again for one of our Jazz Cruises in 2012. We have live recordings from both those concerts.

Pablo RobledoPablo Robledo

Another lake denisen. I have recordings of Pablo going back to 1990. He is a singer/songwriter who touches on the heart of the young, modern Guatemalan experience. We have recordings from his 2010 Festival Atitlan performance, as well as material from his studio album "La Ruta del Trueno"

Warrior CandelaDr Sativo y Warrior Candela

This is a very high energy Cumbia HipHop group that rocked the 2012 Festival. Their material includes Hip Hop in Tzutujil, and is very popular among the local youth.

Roberto LuzRoberto Luz

Thats me! I have included lots of recordings from 1990 onward, including 5 CDs and countless times that I backed up some group or another. Also included is "Rivers to the Sea", a mellow CD that I did in 2002 with Bruce Deselle.


This is Drummer Carlos Cush's percussion band. What I have is a CD that we recorded back in 2000 that was never released.... We have played together for many years, and he shows up playing all over the place on the material that you hear on Radio Festival Atitlan. Great Drummer!

Steve JamesSteve James

Steve is a classic travelling Blues Man. He picks a mean Dobro and can tell a story that will make you feel like you are hanging out with Daniel Boone. We had the great pleasure of hearing him at the 2010 Festival. He and LeRoy Mac had a great time with each other....

Marimba AtitlanMarimba Atitlan

These recordings are very special, as this is a classic Atitlan group, headed up by Don Nito de Leon, and consisting of original tunes that have the Lake and the town of Atitlan as their theme. They are from the 2009 Festival.

Louis LampLouis Lamp

Louis is a special friend who has come to Guatemala twice just to perform at the festival. He is a great violinist, and can boogy with the best. I have some live material from the 2012 Festival, plus his CD "An Open Mind"

Imox JazzImox Jazz

This is a great Jazz Quartet who has accompanied us on our 2 Jazz Cruises. Very Fine Musicians! They play a range from Coltrane to "Reggae Jazz" I have some live recordings plus material from their CD, "Caffeine Effect"

Diaz NegrosDiaz Negros

A heavy Metal group from Panajachel, they taught me the 2000 variations of feedback when we recorded their unreleasedCD back in 2003. They also played the festival in 2004. Unfortunately, I don't have recordings from that, but their studio music is great, and the band has grown


The Musicians of Radio Festival Atitlan

Otis Brown and the Blu Dawgs, La Trova del Lago, Cosmica, Zanates en Stereo, Mambo Balam, Method 2 the Madnezz, Charanga Berrinches Latin Band, MAF, Marco Trio Electric, Coro de Niños de Nebaj, Ixim Acha, Iguanamanga, Leroy Mac and Friends, Patza, Ted Lindland, Juan Sisay, Hacedor de Lluvia, AjBatz, Anthony de Los Santos, Canopus, Killer Tomatos, Naik Madera, Brian Howe, Carlos Funk, Marimba Son de Mi Tierra, Babinski, Cris y Laura, Los Zimzik, Kila, Kevin Warner and Friends, Pablo Robledo, Warrior Candela, Crater, Roberto Luz, Percush, Steve James, Juljuj Tijax, Marimba Atitlan, Louis Lamp, Remolacha Beets, Imox Jazz, and much, much more.

I will be posting more information about our musicians and their music (like where to buy it) in the next month.... Stay Tuned!!! Eventually we will have a page for each group.

If you are a musician here in Guatemala and wish to join the Festival Atitlan family, write me: