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Page 2, Bands for 2012

6:00 PM Canopus

CanopusThis is a very interesting modern Jazz group that includes the Aguilar brothers, Guido and Ranferi, playing "sunset jazz". It is a rare sound to find in Guatemala, and the group does a great job of coaxing the elves out of the trees. Canopus has played for the festival in the past, and we expect this incarnation to be every bit as vibrant as what we have heard from them in the past.CanopusCanopus






Canopus, Festival Atitlan 2008

01 Mystique by Canopus Music

7:00 PM Zanates en Stereo

Zanates en StereoRock Latino... This Band from Chimaltenango has played before at the festival, and they sounded so good that we invited them back.Crater The movement and energy soars. With their new sound and an excellent saxophone player rounding out the band they are a great dancing band!dancing





Listen to Zanates en Stereo performing at Festival Atitlan 2010

8:00 Atitlan All Stars

All Stars

Lake Atitlan has always attracted fine musicians from all over the world. Tim SilvenThis year, instead of presenting any of the local bandsMambo, we have decided to host a set with the best of the Atitlan musicians together on stage. We will dedicate this set to our buddies, Tim Silven, and Lizandro Guarnach, fellow musicians who passed on this year.





9:00 PM SrJuan

SrJuan Señor Juan is a Guatemalan reggae band, originated in 2006 in the city. In the beginning SrJuan was an experimental rock band. Because of the rapid musical, mental, and spiritual evolution they decided to redirect their efforts and headed down their current path. With their conscious lyrics, their high energy electric guitar, and overall presence, they have evolved into one of the finest examples of their genre.


10:00 PM Dr Sativo, Mc Tzutu, Mc che

These three mcs throw down a mixture of styles that will keep suprizing you throughout the whole performance. With a mix of Cumbia hop, bohemian principles, and some of the first HipHop in the mayan dialect, we are sure that this group will lift you off your feet and get you dancing. This is one of the most original groups that have come to the lake in awhile. Heres a little video of Dr Sativo in Spain... and another of Tzutu in Panajachel


11:00PM The Killer Tomato

This band is a mix of Ska/Punk, Rocksteady, Reggae and 2-tone from Guatemala.The high energy generated by this group will keep everyoine on their feet until the last note!

Killer Tomatos

There will also be some casual musical guests who will provide entertainment in between the sets. Don't forget that music will be played around the bonfire into the wee hours of the morning. So you can pick up an instrument and become part of the great vibration that is Festival Atitlan

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