Festival Atitlan

Festival Atitlan
March 22nd, 2014, 11AM- Midnight

Film festival

This year we have the great pleasure of presenting a series of short films from the Unlocking Silent Histories project:

Unlocking Silent Histories


Unlocking Secret HistoriesUnlocking Silent Histories is a non profit organization that provides opportunities for Indigenous youth to critically analyze how they are represented in the media and create documentaries to reimage our understanding of their lives from their perspective. It also contributes to the promotion of cultural understanding by connecting youth across geographical boundaries.



Unlocking Silent Histories aims to cultivate analytical inquiry and creative expression by providing a space for Indigenous youth to be critical consumers and producers of media. Ultimately, they learn to read media and its meanings, create a series of historical and cultural narratives told by them, and share their projects with other youth around the world. Our Partner: The students who particípate in Unlocking Silent Histories are directly connected to the Maya Traditions Foundation, our collaborating partner. the foundation provides resources such as staff to co-coridinate our efforts and translate lessons. Moreover, they have provided workshop spaces, overnight accomodations and supervision for the youth.

Film Schedule

12:00 - Emilio: Alcoholismo (11 minutes)
12:30 - Elías: Fabricas y Traje (19 minutes)
1:00 - Chema: Mujeres Luchadoras (14 minutes)
1:30 - Carmen: Naturaleza (12 minutes)
2:00 - Lucila: Danza Tradicional (9 minutes)
2:30 - Fabiola and Catalina: Tejidos and Ovejas (21 minutes)
3:00 - Norma: Temascales
3:30 - Carlos: Éxito (9 minutes)
Full names and communities: Emilio Tzoc, Chirijox Nahualá Jose (Chema) Vasquez, San Juan La Laguna Elias Ujpan, San Juan La Laguna Carmen Tzoc, Chirijox, Nahualá Lucila Mendoza, San Juan La Laguna Fabiola Tambriz, Chirijox, Nahualá Catalina Nacasia Tambriz, Chirijox, Nahualá Norma Mendoza, San Juan La Laguna Carlos (Tín) Vasquez, San Juan La Laguna


You can see more information about Unlocking Silent Histories on their web page: http://unlockingsilenthistories.org/

You can also visit their facebook page: