Festival Atitlan

Festival Atitlan
March 22nd, 2014, 11AM- Midnight


ADISA promotes actions to defend and promote the rights of Special needs people to achieve their social inclusion and help improve their quality of life along with that of their families.

The association is located in the town of Santiago Atitlan , Solola , and was founded in 1997 on the initiative of Francisco and Argentina Sojuel Figueroa, In honor of Eliza Nila ,their daughter, who was born with hydrocephalus and died at the age of 9 . ADISA opened and initiated activities on June 10 of that year.

ADISA obtained its legal status in 2003 and develops programs to provide comprehensive care to Special Needs people : education, health , vocational training and job placement , awareness and empowerment, through the strategy of community involvement. You can get more information about ADISA from their website: http://www.adisagt.com

Craft Production

As part of the Vocational Training Program , youth with disabilities learn to produce handicrafts made ​​with high quality recycled paper ( decorative plates , jewelry boxes, paper bags , etc.) .
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Constitution ADISA

Foundation as committee Date : June 10, 1998

Date legalization as Association : September 12, 2003

Constitutive Act : 457

Tax Identification Number : 3581074 - 2 ADISA name .

Founders: Argentina María and Francisco Figueroa Sojuel Sojuel Navichoc

There is lots of information on their web site: www.adisagt.com

Thanks to the hard work of many, ADISA is now recognized both in Santiago Atitlan and at national and international level. ADISA currently is an active member of the National Council for the Care of Special needs people, CONADI, a founding member of the national network of RBC and Coordinator of Organizations of Special Needs persons Corazón Re - Business Department of Solola .


ADISA on a strong partnership that provides opportunities for integral development of persons with disabilities by facilitating their inclusion in society and helping to improve their quality of life and their families.


We are an association of parents and friends of people with disabilities, non-profit and based in Santiago Atitlan, Solola. Promote the social inclusion of people with physical , mental and sensory disabilities communities and villages , by providing opportunities in :


special Education

classroom resources

Educational integration

early stimulation



Case Tracking

Vocational training and job placement




To help improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and facilitate their inclusion in society .